Fuel Filter

The deterioration of fuel is almost inevitable. Contaminants are introduced into the fuel system through mixing, transferring, and storage. These contaminants spread through the fuel system and quickly plug the fuel filter. A coating of slime will develop over the entire surface of the media.

Contaminants arrive in your fuel in two forms- precipitates and particulates. Precipitates are generally heavier than fuel, and tend to settle to the bottom of tanks. Particulates are black, tar-like contaminants. There is n o known chemical treatment for the removal of these contaminants.

Potentially the most damaging of all contaminants, water, destroys the lubricative properties of your fuel. With lost lubricity, the fuel can scour pumps and even blow out injector tips. Hence fuel filters protect your engine from the harmful effects of water and contaminants in fuel. They will also help increase engine performance and life.