Lube Filter

While filters play a passive role in engine protection, they nevertheless must work together with the lubricating oil to keep engines protected and clean. Lubricating oil acts to reduce friction, wear & tear in cool engine parts, seal combustion chambers, clean engine components and inhibit corrosion. The protective action of the lubricating oil and its additives are supported and balance by the work of the lube filter.

Lube Filters, particularly those designed for heavy-duty applications, have the sole purpose of keeping damaging contaminants away from sensitive engine parts. During the process some particles adhere to filter media as the oil flows through the filter. Such particles attach themselves to the media surface without plugging up the media pores. Most of these particles are trapped in the outer portion of the media, leaving the inner media surfaces open to continue catching particles that slip through. Eventually, however, media pores will fill up and the filter begins to lose its effectiveness.

Filter media today ranges from the long popular and proven cellulose to synthetic media made of fiberglass, polyester, micro glass and various blends of these materials. Each type of media has specific applications for which it is best suited.