Air Filters

Air is necessary for successful combustion in your engine. Clean air- air almost 100% pure is critical to engine survival and vital to its performance. Most engine manufacturers specify minimum initial efficiency of at least 98.5%. This figure may seem very high; however, it is important to remember that dirt in any amount can be harmful to your engine.

The Air Filter element establishes a barrier for the separation of airborne contaminants, allowing only clean air to enter the engine. Air Filters enhance performance, delivering the clean air that powers your engine and extends its useful life by thousands of miles down the road.

It is impossible to determine, just by looking, when air filters should be changed. An element that looks relatively clean may be almost totally plugged with ultra-fine particles from exhaust smoke or air pollutants. On the other hand, a filter that looks dirty may still have many hours of useful life.

We do not recommend the cleaning of air filter elements. Since all contaminants cannot be removed, service intervals become progressively shorter. Further, the cleaning process might damage the filter, leading to engine damage as well.